Introducing the 2019-2020 Fellows!

With the academic year off to a racing start, the Civil War Institute Fellows are hard at work on their assignments for this semester! Veteran Fellows Cameron Sauers ’21 and Isaac Shoop ’21 have been joined for this year by new recruits, Gavin Maziarz ’22 and Erica Uszak ’22.  Each one of our Fellows is so excited to be engaged in their projects and sharing history with all of you!

We recently launched a new Facebook group titled “Gettysburg College’s Civil War Book Club,” where we will be discussing and debating recent works of Civil War scholarship. Fellows Gavin Maziarz, Cameron Sauers, and Isaac Schoop will be posting questions and leading the discussion in the group. Meanwhile, Erica Uszak will be writing a Killed at Gettysburg entry on First Lieutenant Elijah Hayden, Co. H , 8th Ohio.

Here on the blog, our Fellows will continue to share reflections and insights from their chosen projects. We will also continue to update the blog with posts reporting on special events both on campus and around Gettysburg.

We hope you will continue to support the Fellows by reading their posts, sharing and liking pieces, commenting, and asking any questions that these posts might provoke. We students are learning right alongside you and enjoy any opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussion about the topics at hand.

With that,

I present our 2019-2020 CWI Fellows


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  1. Welcome, returning and new Fellows! I am familiar with the impressive work you have done on KAG and the Compiler, and look forward to your upcoming contributions. Have a great year.

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