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Patriotism or Greed? More to the Story?

By Sean Parke This blog post is a continuation of a topic first introduced in my earlier post entitled “Patriotism or Greed? Damage Claims after the Battle of Gettysburg.” The adjacent artifact is a newspaper article by Lorenzo L. Crounse , ...
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Patriotism or Greed? Damage Claims after the Battle of Gettysburg

By Sean Parke The Battle of Gettysburg brought the reality of war to northern civilians. Typically when people discuss the experiences of the citizens of Gettysburg they include tales of bravery, such as the well-known hero John Burns, ...
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A Rare Glimpse of Gettysburg Field Hospitals

By Brian Johnson The first two photographs in this article are by Frederick Gutekunst and were most likely taken sometime between July 9th and 11th, 1863, at the field hospital of the Army of the Potomac’s Second Corps. These images are ...
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George Leo Frankenstein’s View of East Cemetery Hill

By Braxton Berkey This 1866 painting by George Frankenstein depicts a good portion of the so-called “fish hook” of the Union line during the Battle of Gettysburg. The scene that Frankenstein depicted is largely unchanged from what it looked ...
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