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Rufus Weaver and Gettysburg’s Confederate Dead

By Brian Johnson '14 Dead in the immediate vicinity of Culp’s Hill, though not in danger of the farmer’s plow, had been buried in shallow, mass graves.  Culp’s Hill had been the site of fierce fighting on July 2nd and ...
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The Court-Martial Case of Private Francis Dill, Co. K, 9th Regt. P.R.C.

By Braxton Berkey The case against Pennsylvania Reservist Private Francis Dill seems pretty straightforward at first glance. The court, consisting of Pennsylvania Reserves colonels, convened on August 4, 1863 to hear the testimony of four of Pvt. Dill’s comrades ...
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Exploring the Bond between Officers and their Men and in the Civil War

By Nathan Hill The tradition of militaries honoring their officers has a long and rich history, from antiquity when the Emperor of Rome bestowed the corona muralis upon the first soldier to plant his standard upon the enemy battlements to ...
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Letter from Captain Robert B. Arms to His Son Robert, 25 October 1889

By Braxton Berkey Arms’ letter to his son Robert contains several statements which highlight the long process of remembrance for many Civil War veterans. In the immediate aftermath of the War, many veterans on both sides ...
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The Children of the Battlefield: The Picture that Identified Sergeant Amos Humiston of the 154th New York Volunteers

By Braxton Berkey For Sergeant Humiston, the photo of his three children was more than a comfort in his dying moments. Had he not taken it with him into battle and died grasping it, in all likelihood Humiston’s tombstone ...
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