Class of 2014 Bio: Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is a recent graduate from the Gettysburg College Class of 2014. He is incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities provided by Gettysburg College and the Civil War Institute. Over the last four years, Brian has had the chance to work for the National Park Service, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, and, of course, as a Fellow at the Civil War Institute. Inside the classroom he has enjoyed many fantastic courses offered through Gettysburg’s phenomenal history department. Each of these experiences has taught Brian to write well, think critically, take initiative, and do his best possible work. Although American history and the Civil War will always be near and dear to Brian, in the coming years he hopes to pursue a career in higher education administration, particularly in academic affairs and student development. He hopes to ensure that students at other colleges and universities can have the same rigorous, rewarding academic experiences that he enjoyed at Gettysburg. After graduation, Brian will be working for the Civil War Institute helping with preparation for summer conferences. Come fall, he hopes to serve with Americorps in Ohio community colleges before returning to graduate school in higher education administration next year.

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