New semester, new stories…

By Heather Clancy ’15

Photo credit Shawna Sherrill.
Photo credit Shawna Sherrell.

Greetings, fellow Civil Warriors!

As Managing Editor of the Civil War Institute’s student blog, The Gettysburg Compiler, I would like to welcome everyone to a new semester of exciting debate, original research, academic discourse, and on-site reporting on all things Civil War. This academic year, we look forward to expanding the range of both topics and perspectives explored on our blog as we welcome Matt LaRoche ’17, Megan McNish ‘16, Ryan Nadeau ‘16, Jacob Ross ’15, and Cassie Wells ‘16 to our team of fellows/writers.

This semester, be on the lookout for our three main categories of writing: Warpinion, Battlefield Correspondence, and Archival Adventures.

  • Warpinion pieces will allow writers to sound off on challenging topics commonly (and not-so-commonly) explored by those in the History field, including the convergence of academia and public history, functions of historical memory in society, and other hotly debated themes.
  • Battlefield Correspondence will chronicle under-explored military and cultural histories relating to the Battle of Gettysburg, some of which remain hidden in plain sight.
  • Archival Adventures will follow our writers as they delve into Gettysburg College’s Special Collections to uncover just a small sampling of the countless examples of tangible history to be found on the fourth floor of Musselman Library.

Keep a weather eye on the blogging horizon as we release new posts each week!

Managing Editor,
Heather Clancy

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