Special Collections Roadshow — Episode Six: Canteen

By Meg Sutter ’16 and Megan McNish ’16

Special Collections Roadshow was created by the Civil War Institute in the Spring of 2014. It showcases various artifacts from Special Collections at Gettysburg College. The sixth episode features Meg Sutter ’16 describing a canteen from Rev. Theodore Schlach’s new collection in Special Collections.

One thought on “Special Collections Roadshow — Episode Six: Canteen”

  1. I have a cannon ball from a camp ground in gettesburg found by my 16 yr old daughter. it weights 9.6 ibs and is 12.5 inches in cir. dia is 3.9 inches. I cant see mark on ball. this was found in 1971 love to know what cannon it came out of. I thank a 10 pound parrott.

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