Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the CWI!

An early depiction of Santa Claus from the Civil War Era. This illustration by Thomas Nast first appeared in Harper’s Weekly in 1863. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

For your holiday enjoyment, our social media coordinator Megan McNish ’16 has put together a Buzzfeed quiz where you can figure out what role you would have played during the Civil War. Would you have served on the front lines or stayed at home and supported the war effort? Click here to take the quiz and find out!

And, if you missed it over Thanksgiving, she also made one about what Civil War food matches your personality (Don’t take it personally if you receive desiccated vegetables. Yours truly did as well.)

Happy holidays from the students and staff of the CWI!

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  1. My Great Grandpaw served at 19 in the Louisiana Calvary. His name is William a Driver McDonald. He was a young single private who worked with the horses. He was a young farm boy from Pitkin, La. I am very proud of his service.

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