Special Collections Roadshow — Episode Eight: Emory Upton’s Tactical Blocks

By Meg Sutter ’16 and Megan McNish ’16

Special Collections Roadshow was created by the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College in the Spring of 2014. Although the series usually showcases various artifacts from Special Collections at Gettysburg College, for our eighth episode we went on the road to the US Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, PA.

Thank you so much to the AHEC staff for letting us film an episode on Emory Upton’s Tactical Blocks and to film in their facility! We would definitely recommend checking out their website at and visiting their museum and archives!

One thought on “Special Collections Roadshow — Episode Eight: Emory Upton’s Tactical Blocks”

  1. Great show, and I hope you will get another episode produced before you both graduate.

    Quick question: As veterans of the National Park Service, what are some of the misconceptions that visitors have about Civil War tactics? Could a reproduction of this artifact be used as a teaching tool?

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