Inequality and Justice: Interview with Dedication Day Speaker Janet Morgan Riggs

By Ryan Bilger ’19 and Olivia Ortman ’19

On Tuesday, November 20th, CWI Fellow Ryan Bilger sat down with Gettysburg College’s President, Janet Morgan Riggs, to discuss her Dedication Day Speech which she delivered the previous morning. The goal of her speech, Riggs explained, was to give Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address relevance for each of us today. She did this by focusing on inequality and justice in our world today, speaking not to politics, but to basic humanity. These are themes she and Gettysburg College try to discuss with students, encouraging them to be conscientious leaders who affect positive change in the world. President Riggs, who retires at the end of this school year, will be thoroughly missed by all who have been touched by her own thoughtful leadership.
If you missed this year’s Dedication Day ceremony and would like to watch it, click here.

One thought on “Inequality and Justice: Interview with Dedication Day Speaker Janet Morgan Riggs”

  1. Bravo, Dr. Riggs. I was there on Dedication Day, yours was an inspiring and hopeful speech.
    You brought Lincoln’s words and legacy into our current times and showed that they are still relevant, thanks.
    And I agree with your comment in the interview, having read with great interest, KAG and the many thoughtful
    and thought-provoking Compiler posts, I am very impressed with these students, too!

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