Gettysburg Heartthrobs: the 10 Most Attractive Officers

By Cameron Sauers ’21

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. They do not reflect the position of the Civil War Institute, nor of all CWI Fellows or Civil War enthusiasts. While the author received many names that deserved to be on this list, he regrettably had to choose only ten. That being said, please sit back, relax, and prepare to fall in love with the officers of Gettysburg this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Winfield Scott Hancock
    • Wearing a crisp white shirt into battle? The goatee? “Hancock the Superb” is a true icon!
  2. Francis Barlow
    • This boyish-faced Harvard graduate was known to wear a checkered, flannel lumberjack shirt under an unbuttoned uniform coat.
  3. Henry Kyd Douglas
    • The author of “I rode with Stonewall” needs no complimenting from us (he did it enough in his book).
  4. George Custer
    • Known for his flashy uniform and flamboyance, Custer’s style plus flowing blonde hair makes him worthy of a coveted spot on our list.
  5. Alexander “Sandie” Swift Pendleton
    • With boyish good looks at 22 while at Gettysburg, we can’t help but swoon over Sandie Pendleton.
  6. Lafayette Guild
    • Guild was noted for his study of yellow fever, which is good because we’re burning up for the Medical Director of the Army of the Northern Virginia!
  7. Walter Taylor
    • From a young, attractive cadet at VMI to Lee’s personal aide-de-camp, Taylor gracefully managed the burden of serving on Lee’s small staff and matured with poise during the war.
  8. Gouverneur Kemble Warren
    • While his statue continues to keep lookout on Little Round Top, we should be keeping a lookout for him!
  9. Richard Garnett
    • Garnett was kicked in the leg by his horse, leaving him unable to walk during the Gettysburg Campaign. It was only fitting for a man who makes us weak in the knees.
  10. Strong Vincent
    • The mutton chops and “Strong” name makes Vincent the perfect choice to round out our list (the Harvard education doesn’t hurt either).


(All images courtesy Wikimedia Commons.)

5 thoughts on “Gettysburg Heartthrobs: the 10 Most Attractive Officers”

    1. Thanks for bringing this up Ken. Richard Garnett’s likeness has been a source of controversy in the Civil War world. Although the photo we posted has been commonly linked to R.B. Garnett, there have been questions as to whether it is actually him, or one of his relatives.

      I’ve included a link to a post that discusses this question further and offers a different possible likeness for Richard Garnett.

      – Olivia

  1. Loved this list of gorgeous guys! Did you know that General Armstrong Custer curled his hair with candlesticks and left them in overnight so he could awake with those golden, curly locks down his neck the next morning? Yep, he was as conceited as General Jeb Stuart (must be the personality traits of those dashing cavalry dudes!)
    I would have added Elon Farnsworth to the list as well and General Cleburne! Glad you had handsome hunk, Strong Vincent on the list!! WOW!

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